Capitalize on your real-estate deal pipeline with Akter.RE dynamic financing

We solve the cash flow and financing
problems of RE profsesionals.

We give RE professionals access
to quick and easily accessible credit.

We eliminate inefficiencies & enhance
productivity of RE professionals.

funds availability

Akter.RE provides Real-Estate professionals (agents, brokers and brokerage firms) continuous access to funding, looking at their deal pipeline in real-time

Get financing at a click

Click to draw funds, and get the money in your bank account immediately

Monitor your
business forecasts
in real-time

Real-time monitoring of your expected commisions with insight on your cash flow forecast.

Real time
valuation of your
deal pipeline

Akter.RE provide on-going valuation of your deal pipeline with probabilities, by deal stages.

Get full insight
on your future deals

Solve the cash flow and financing problems of RE professionals.

Optimize your financing

Refinance your outstanding funds, at any time, no penalties.